Board of Directors
President   Susan Zemlin
Vice President   Brian Stubbs
President-Elect   Paula Holmberg
Secretary   Gillian Teoh-Berbee
Central District Chair   Nate Raabe
Metro East District Chair   Chris Jacobson
Metro West District Chair   Andrew Beard
Northeast District Chair   Matt Krage
Northwest District Chair   Michael Culloton
Southeast District Chair   Kristin Kivell
Southwest District Chair   Constance Knott
Student Representative   Aspen Bue
Star of the North Editor   Bret Amundson
ACDA of Minnesota Staff
Director of Development   Dawn Thomsen
Web Editor   Dariush Akhavan
Executive Assistant   Barb Geier
Executive Director   Bruce W. Becker
ACDA of Minnesota
Repertoire and Standards Chairs
Children’s & Youth Choirs   Ann Schrooten
College and University Choirs   Matt Ferrell
Community Choirs   Tim Sayer
Ethnic & Multicultural Perspectives   Carole Whitney
High School Choirs   Randy Schafer
Jazz Choirs   Jennifer Parker
Junior High/Middle School Choirs   Reid Larsen
Male Choirs   Gene Peterson
Music and Worship   Sean Vogt
Show Choirs   Erynn Millard
Two-Year College Choirs   Teresa Ashworth
Women’s Choirs   Angela Mitchell
Youth and Student Activities   Brad Miller
Repertoire and Standards Coordinator   Allan Hawkins